What is a learning disability?

learning disability (n.) - Any of various cognitive, neurological, or psychological disorders which cause a difference in the way the brain functions. Individuals may be as smart as their peers yet may have trouble learning to read, write, spell, recall information, or do math.

Facts about learning disabilities

80% of students with a learning disability have trouble reading.

93 to 95% of students will read within the normal range by the end of second grade if they recieve appropriate instruction.

75% of children who do not recieve help until after the age of nine will have some difficulty reading throughout life.

At least 2.7 million children are currently recieving help because of a learning disability.

Common characteristics of learning disabilities

Yellow bullet Preschool Yellow bullet

Delay in speech development; difficulty articulating or pronouncing words

Delay in learning numbers, alphabet, weekdays, colors, and shapes

Slow vocabulary developement

Difficulty rhyming words

Difficulty following directions

Awkwardness when running, jumping or skipping

Difficulty controlling pencil, crayon, or scissors

Increased activity level, inattention, and/or impulsive behavior

Trouble interacting socially with peers

Yellow bullet Grades K-4 Yellow bullet

Difficulty connecting letters and sounds to decode words

Difficulty remembering what is read

Difficulty writing down thoughts

Difficulty understanding what is said or expressing thought

Difficulty recalling facts

Difficulty learning new skills

Difficulty learning basic math concepts

Difficulty learning about time

Poor spelling skills

Reversing or transposing letters or numbers

Poor coordination

Unstable pen/pencil grip

Lack of fine motor coordination, resulting in poor handwriting

Yellow bullet Grades 5-8 Yellow bullet

Continued difficulty with grade-level reading comprehension, written language, and/or math skills

Difficulty organizing space (locker, notebook, own room)

Difficulty organizing thoughts when writing or speaking

Difficulty managing time and/or developing strategies to complete assignments on time

Difficulty understanding discussions or expressing thoughts when speaking

Difficulty making friends

Loses or misplaces papers and belongings

Avoids reading, writing, or math if language/math skills are poor

Yellow bullet Grades 9+ Yellow bullet

Continued spelling errors, often spelling the same word differently

Avoids reading, writing, or math if language/math skills are poor

Trouble with essay questions on tests

Weak memory skills

Difficulty adjusting to new settings

Unable to or difficulty completing work in time allowed (working slowly)

Poor grasp of abstract concepts

Too little attention paid to detail

Misreading information